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Do I Need Local Web Hosting?


Do I Need Local Web Hosting?


No, you don't need a web host from your local area because the physical location of your web host is not important. What is important is the reliability of your web host's servers and the customer service that you receive from your web host.

With thousands of web hosts throughout the United States and the rest of the world it is not likely that the best web host will be physically located in your area.

Here are some reasons why the physical location of your web host is not important:
  1. Any contact with your web hosting company will be through telephone, email, and live chat. It is unheard of for web hosting customers to contact their web hosts through any other means
  2. Good web hosting is all about great customer support, great technology, and reliability. Limiting your choices to web hosts in a certain area really decreases your chances of finding the best web host for your website.
  3. We did a lot of research in online forums about the opinions of web hosting customers and found that there was no relationship between the quality of web hosting and the physical location of the web host.

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