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Check cashing scam by Bedwell Modelling Group / Anthony Chaldon and James Jones

The scam goes as follows; A fellow named, James Jones( gets in touch with me through, "" and says that Bedwell Modelling Group, which he works for, is doing a magazine production and that they would like to buy my profile picture for $6000.00. The deal was that once I receive payment from one Mr. Kelvin Smith Chaney,, I was to deposit it in my account and once cleared I was to send 80% to Mr. Jones and his partners.

Well, I did receive a cheque from Canadian Atlas Furniture Corporation, (the company that was supposedly doing the magazine production), for $6500.00 but instead of depositing it in my account I went to Money Mart to cash it and Money Mart ended up calling the RCMP and I was arrested and charged with possessing stolen goods over $5000.00 and passing forged documents.

I ended up giving up the cheque, the envelope it came in and the attached note telling me to advise Mr. Chaney before I went and cashed the cheque. It turns out a batch of cheques belonging to Canadian Atlas Furniture Corporation were stolen and I guess these fellows are using them to dupe us into depositing them into our bank accounts and thus sending them money. The cheques will eventually come back as no good and whoever deposits them will be out the money.

These scammers have been calling my house so I also took down their numbers. They are: Anthony Chaldon @ 905-617-0751 and James Jones @ 646-312-7853. When Mr. Jones first contacted me he used the following e-mail address,

Once I find a link for posting cheque cashing scammers on your site, I will forward all the conversations I had with these gentlemen.

Could you please tell me how to post my conversations with these scammers on your site? I wasn't formally charged, the RCMP believes me, but I don't want anybody going through the embarrassment I went through at Money Mart and the police station.

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