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Unwanted phone call from 509-524-8196


I just received a phone call on my cell phone. I showed 509-524-8196 as caller ID. As I picked up, it hung up. This call was forwarded from my home phone. Who is it? This has happened now several times, it costs me air time every time they do this.


This is a spam fax service. If your home phone redirects after 3 rings, chances are, that they have their computer configured to wait for a maximum of 4 rings. You answered the cell phone after the 1st ring, which was too late already.

You can register your home and cell phone numbers here:

Note that it takes up to 30 days to be effective. I personally have registered with this site a few years ago and it really helped.

Supposedly you can call this 509-524-8196 spam service back at this toll free number and request to have your number removed:


I tried this twice. The first customer service rep simply hung up on me as I stated 'You just sent me a junk fax'. The second customer service rep took my number and pretended to plan to remove it from some list.

You can also register a complaint at the (government) web site. You'll receive an acknowledgment via USPS mail if you spend the time to do this. At the time of writing, this is the direct link to file a complaint on the web.

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