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Submitting web sites that use FRAMES to search engines

I have had enormous success with promoting framesets to Search Engines, and it is in fact the preferred method of submission at the moment. There are a few tricks to it though.

Firstly, you must use the <noframes> section of the parent frameset and insert text as though it is the body of an actual page. This means that the content must be relevant to the site as well as the meta tags in order to achieve a good ranking. The reason for this is the search engine will rank the <noframes> text in place of the <body> text, so it will have something to show the surfer that is not using a frames capable browser.

A LOT of designers ignore this fact, and simply put nothing in there, or a default "Your browser cannot read frames" style message. This does get ranked, but usually about 150,000 on the list, hence the perceived 'trouble' in getting frames pages ranked well. Make sure this text and HTML is easy to read as people may see it if they really can't use frames. Embed links back to the main page of the site, or to other resources the surfer may find useful.

Next you must code the <head> section of your frameset according to the parameters of the search engine you are targeting. If the engine doesn't rank <meta keywords> tags well, put more emphasis on the <title> tag and use your keywords there. Your <meta description> is also very important so make sure you place keywords quite prominently.

You must also ensure that every individual page of the site has keywords and body text relating to the search terms you want to be ranked well for.

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